"Life Mentor Extraordinaire" 


                             "50 Years + of Life Experience'

                         Teaching "HOW" to Fulfill your" Dreams""

                     "Transforming" your Business & Personal Life!

                                It ALL Starts with

                                   "The Secret"

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Life Mentor Extraordinaire

What I teach is "UNIQUE"  the most "POWERFUL" Law EVER Created! It is the LAW that will give "Lifelong" Happiness Peace Harmony Perfect Health and Success! Understand this and you will be in COMPLETE Control of your Life and Career! It is the "Law of Attraction"!" "You create your OWN Universe as you go along! (Winston Churchill)

Decide what specific role you'd like Me your mentor to provide. Let Me know what you want to achieve? It would be helpful to answer the following questions:

  • Do you want your Business & Personal Life to improve?
  • Do you believe in YOU?
  • Do you love YOU?
  • Do you have a Talent you want to develop?
  • Do you want to discover "HOW" "My Secret works"
  • Do you want to be part of Google Predicted "Vegan Revolution"?

Prison Officer and Mum of three Sam Bailey!
Yes the X Factor WINNER 15th December 2013!
Wanabees Watch This First
Sam Bailey - Listen by Beyonce - Room Auditions ...

                   Life Mentor Extraordinaire

Want to understand HOW it REALLY works?When you have me as your Life Mentor ExtraordinaireYou will discover how my "The Secret" Method works!


This is what I am offering as a Life Mentor Extraordinaire:

1)  Wealth of Life Experiences!
2)  The importance of Gratitude
3)  How to "Master" the "Law of Attraction".
4)  How to fulfill your "DREAMS.
5)  Introduction to Google's Predicted "Vegan Revolution" 
Generation Identity – Homeland Freedom Tradition
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