Generation Identity Great Britain NOW!

Generation Identity Great Britain NOW!

You may ask HOW?


Declare "Muslim Brotherhood" a TERRORIST Organization! YES!

2nd Step vitally important

Stop all immigration of Muslims practicing and believing in "Sharia Law"!

Pass Law to Deport ALL Muslims in UK who believe it overrides British Law it.

Next Closing ALL "Sharia Councils" and "Sharia Charities" ASAP!

Stop all Muslims from returning to UK who go to fight for ISIS!

Encourage & PROTECT those Muslim who want to assimilate into

British Way of Life to do so with out intimidation!

I am repeating Declare "Muslim Brotherhood" a TERRORIST organization

MP's & Law Makers can do this YES!

Stop ALL Funding of Mosque's from Overseas Sources YES YES YES!

Recent Example being build in Cambridge & Maidstone "Mega Mosques" with Saudi Money

This needs to be STOPPED by authorities!

Mosque Services be conducted in ENGLISH to ensure

no intimidation is taking place to RADICALIZE the CONGREGATION!

CLOSE ALL Mosques that do not COMPLY!

JOIN Worldwide "Vegan Revolution" Vegan Can Heal You 

It is the most Powerful Weapon in WAR to DEFEAT Islam in Europe & UK

See "the Marshall Diet Documentary"

Save Lives Money Environment & STOP Extremism YES!

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