Act for Canada

Act for Canada NOW!
You may ask HOW?
Introducing "Generation Identity"
The Project | Generation Identity - Canada
Stop all immigration of Muslims practicing and believing in "Sharia Law"!
Next Closing ALL "Sharia Councils" and "Sharia Charities" ASAP!
Stop all Muslims from returning to Canada who go to fight for ISIS!
Encourage & PROTECT those Muslim who want to assimilate into Canadian Way of Life to do so with out intimidation!
Declare "Muslim Brotherhood" a TERRORIST organization MP's & Law Makers can do this
Stop ALL Funding of Mosque's from Overseas Sources
All Mosque Services be conducted in ENGLISH or French to ensure no intimidation is taking place to RADICALIZE the CONGREGATION!
CLOSE ALL Mosques that do not COMPLY!

ACT! for Canada | AGISSONS! pour le Canada

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"HOW" you can "SAVE CANADA & Western World!.

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